As a Nude PT partner, you can now offer your clients natural, pure and effective supplements to help fast-track their recovery and results.

Our system allows you to choose the best solution to suit your specific needs.

Your two options include:

1. Wholesale discounts
Save up to 35% on all Nude products. This discount is available for you to purchase product for your own use, or to on-sell to your clients.

2. Partner Model
A new model where you do not have to hold stock and can earn revenue from client purchases for life – even if they are no longer a client of yours.


Save up to 35%  on Nude Nutrients by purchasing stock at wholesale prices from us for your own use, or sell direct to your clients. Minimum order of $500 is required.

You can order your wholesale products using the nude online wholesale shop. Simply ensure you are logged in, then visit the wholesale shop page and select your desired qty to receive your discount. 

We also strongly recommend you promote your unique url (see below for more info) to any client purchasing product in person from you. This will link them to your partner account for life.



As a partner you have your own unique code that can be added to the end of any Nude Nutrients web page to create a unique URL.

When someone uses this URL (by clicking on a link in one of your emails, from your social media posts, or reading it in a poster or flyer), that person will be linked to your business through a tracking cookie on the device they used, even if they do not purchase anything.

If that person purchases at any time in the future, they are still linked to your business and you earn 10% of their total order. You also earn 10% of all orders they ever make with Nude, even if they are no longer a member of your gym. 

This allows you to hold no stock, and you can earn long term and recurring revenue from Nude Nutrients.


You can add you unique partner ID to the end of ANY Nude nutrients website URL to make it tracked to your account. You simply use the following and add it to the end of any Nude web URL.

For example, if you want to link to the Nude Nutrients homepage, you would use the following:

Original URL = www.nudenutrients.com.au/
Your Partner URL = www.nudenutrients.com.au/partner/ID#

If your partner ID was 1, then your unique partner URL would be www.nudenutrients.com.au/partner/1

To find your unique partner/affiliate ID number, simply head to your partner dashboard and click on the “Affiliate URLs” tab halfway down the page:


Now that you are setup as a Nude partner, you can offer Nude Nutrients as a solution to your clients to help them fast-track their results.

Below are some client scenarios that show how you can introduce Nude to your clients, and what to offer them.


As  Nude Partner, we strongly recommend you create a Supplements Page for your website. You can use any images downloaded from the Marketing Creatives partner page.

We have created an example layout you could use to get some ideas, or feel free to create your own style!

Just remember to include your partner ID URL on all the images that click through to the Nude Nutrients website so that we can track the sales.




Email is the simplest, easiest and fastest way to communicate with your membership base.

TIP: Ensure you update the email copy to your Partner ID to make sure we can track your members in our system.

Email Ideas

Email Your Existing Members

  • Email 1 – Email all your existing members letting them know they can now purchase Nude Nutrients from you. Offer a 5% off coupon with their first purchase.  Coupon Included!
  • Email 2 – Offer free samples in-gym
  • Email 3 – Offer the Nude 12 week training program via the Nude App for free – Value $199

Past Members

  • Email 4 – Offer past members the opportunity to come try out the free samples

Email 1

Email 2

Email 3

Free Samples


Using free Nude samples can be a highly effective outbound marketing technique to bring people back into your club, and re-engage with your current and past members.


  1. Sample packs are available for you to purchase at heavily discounted rates.
  2. You can then promote to your members to come into the club to pick up some free Nude samples. This can be done via in-club posters or flyers, email or social media.
  3. Your promotional material sends your member to your easy-to-remember website link that was set up for you when we created your account.
  4. This webpage then tracks that member to your account, and gives them the option to pick up free samples at your gym.
  5. Your member must enter their name and email on the web page to receive the code above that they then bring in to the gym in order to pick up their samples. 
  6. Once the member has taken the samples, we follow up with them via our email education sequence, designed to help educate and support them towards their specific training goals.
  7. Any purchases the member makes (for life) pays you 7% of their order value.
Social Media


#Nudenutrients #Biohawk

Social media is a powerful way to engage with your customers and leads. We suggest using the social media platforms that you are already using to connect with your audience. Common platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Here are some ways you can make the most out of social media to promote Nude Nutrients:

  1. Posts: Post content that will entertain, educate or inspire your audience. This could include tasty recipes from the Nude Blog, articles about supplementation, nutrition, goal setting, training and more. These ideas can be re-posted from Nude Nutrients social media channels or linked from the Nude Blog. Remember to add your partner/ID# to the end of any links you post to ensure those visitors are tracked to your account.
  2. Competitions: There are two types of effective competitions you can run using social media. Chance competitions are like a lottery, people enter for the chance to win something. Skill based competitions are where people have to submit something that you then choose a winner based on some criteria. Some examples of these include:
    “Like & Comment To Win”. This popular style of competition simply involves your fans liking and commenting on a specific post to go in the random draw to win a prize. this could be anything from a free membership period, to Nude Nutrients, or both!
    “Submit Your Best Recipe/Workout/Other”. This requires more effort from participants as they have to submit something and are competing against the other people who have entered.
  3. Success Stories: Using your customers' success stories (with their permission of course!) is one of the best way to use social media to provide social proof and inspiration to your audience. You could also link this with a competition/prize for the best result achieved in a month, or most visits to the gym etc. If you have members, you have people achieving success and you should be making them feel special by sharing their stories and inspiring other members to achieve their goals too.


After you have been through steps 1-5, you are now ready to launch Nude Nutrients to your customers!

Here are the keys to a successful launch:

  1. Make sure you have added a Nude Nutrients page to your website (see step 3)
  2. Print your unique poster or flyers to have visibility in your club
  3. Add the email launch sequence of your choice into your email system, and check that the links are working correctly
  4. Schedule some social media posts to be posted once your email sequence begins. We recommend an introductory/launch post, a free samples offer post, 2 recipe posts and 2 posts about the benefits of Nude Nutrients
  5. Ensure your team have received training on how to offer Nude Nutrients for new members joining, and also how the free samples system works
  6. If you will be holding stock, place your first order before you launch
  7. Ask us for help! If you want help with your launch, simply get in touch with us via email.