...and how to you can absorb up to 40% more

It's What You Absorb



Tip: Add one good thing into your diet today rather than trying to cut things out. If you do this each week you will start to feel better and your cravings for the other stuff will diminish.

You can’t out train a bad diet and neither can a shot of good quality protein powder compensate for a diet loaded in sugar, refined foods and poor quality fats.

Treating your body more like a temple than a trash can will not only ensure you feel and perform better but also make any supplementation you take more effective.

Being mindful of your food choices will ensure that any supplementation you take has the maximum effect.

Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and one amino acid in particular – proline, when found in a peptide group renders that peptide indigestible.

This means that any proline-rich peptide has nutrition locked away in it that is unavailable.

The solution is to breakdown these proline-rich peptide bonds using enzymes that do the work for us.

You can see them in action here as they turn pure protein powder into a delicious custard.




FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION: Is nutrition that you can absorb, where all the nutrients are available to your body.

Undigested proteins are not absorbed by our gut, rather they are fermented in our hind-gut and lower the pH. A low pH in our colon promotes an imbalance in our gut microbiome which can in turn give rise to other issues like bloating, cramping and other food intolerances.

The key is to ensure all proteins are broken down adequately so that they can be absorbed and nourishing us without side effects.

Nude Nutrients have the only supplement range on the planet that incorporate a special spice mix that completely hydrolyses the proline-rich proteins in the supplements.

Try The NUDE Difference for yourself

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Try the Nude Difference for yourself and discover the how complete absorption of your protein changes your health and body composition.

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Gaining Muscle At 55

Hi. I just wanted to say that I have been using your protein powder now for 3 weeks and for the first time in my (short) 55 years I am gaining muscle, losing fat (lost about 5kgs now) and feeling great. Fantastic product. Thanks!

David Taylor

More energy and confidence - loving it

I definitely have more energy and confidence. After 2 weeks of working out and using Nude's supplement range I had more energy and was constantly motivated to attack the next training session.It's really versatile. Usually I only use protein in shakes but with the natural range i was also able to utilise it in my daily meal prep as well.

Nathan Grima
Marketing Executive

Haven't been able to use Whey Protein for years!

That's awesome! I have been missing out on whey protein for years now (and it shows on my muscle mass) since being diagnosed with an IGg reaction to dairy, the Nude whey protein is perfect! 💪🙏

David Higgs

No Mucus Buildup

A big thing I noticed with Nude protein powder is the lack of mucus building up in my throat even when I drink it with milk.This is something I always used to get with protein powder and milk but not with Nude. The product digests very easily and I don’t get any protein burps which I used to sometimes get. Overall it's a great product.

Ben Newland
Cross Fit Coach and Athlete

More energy and feel healthier

Being a mum of three, I am always in the kitchen, but I have little time to prepare different meals for myself to cater for my gluten and lactose intolerance. Before finding Nude protein, I would wake up and make myself a double shot coffee to get me through the morning and put up with the stomach pains and headaches, because I didn't know any different. Now, I don’t have to deal with these because I put Nude protein in my coffee every morning and in my smoothies. I also use the natural whey protein in my baking and I can now eat cheesecakes and other dairy desserts without any problems and have the added benefit of providing my body with more nutrients. I have noticed a significant difference in that I am less bloated, I never get food-related headaches, I have more energy and I feel healthier. Nude has changed the way I view protein and food.

Katie Grima

Best Gut Feel

Feels great in the gut, probably the best protein I’ve had from that perspective!

Nick Randall
Strength & Conditioning Coach

My Wellness Score improved!

Over the last 30 days I have become more flexible and my endurance has increased noticeably as has my recovery.I would love if you made the protein in a Caramel flavour!Nude protein is the best I’ve used - it doesn’t sit like a ball in the stomach, no bloating and recovery has improved.

Kathy Hempenstall
Oasis Medical Centre

Hayfever symptoms reduced

Before using Nude protein powder I used to get hayfever symptoms every couple of days. Now I only get the occasional hayfever symptom once per week, and they have become less severe. I have also found the Boost to be a great way to get my kids to have more protein at breakfast time. We mix it with cocoa and milk to make chocolate milk for their cereal - they love it!

Jean-Marc Barbeau