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This Program Is a Must For You If You Want...

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    To really make a lasting change
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    Train effectively to get results in a minimum amount of time
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    Support from real people if and when you need it
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    Nutritional guidance, because eating right is confusing
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    Real supplementation to assist your body to change
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    Measurement, tracking and proof it's working for you

Why this is critical for you right now.

You have just joined, or are thinking about joining the gym. Perhaps you are just starting out and you have no idea on how to make this work, or you have tried and failed before.

Either way the results are the same, you get sweaty, it hurts, you are not sure on what to do and you doubt whether you should continue.

You just need a proven PLAN.

Don't waste a gym membership and all that pain on a random walk.

The Nude Wellness Program is a comprehensive, fun and easy to follow program that moves the dial on your wellness.

It's tailored to where you are right now and we change it over time as your wellness, fitness, strength and health improve.

The ULTIMATE "must have" add-on to your gym membership

Inside the Nude Wellness Program You Will Find...

The keys to support your journey to fitness, health and wellness. Most programs fail because they do not address all of them. This is why training alone will never work.



Real Goal Setting

Know WHAT you want and WHY you want it. Make it realistic and something that is important to you and measurable.

We record your goal and will keep reminding you of it during your journey so that you always know WHERE you are heading.

Every 30 days we recalculate your Wellness Score so you know how you are progressing each month and can measure your success.

During the program you can reset your Goal at anytime so if you feel you can better articulate it or you feel that you have reach it, then reset it so that it reflect what you really want.



Fitness and Strength Assessments

Knowing that you are improving over time is really important so we measure your fitness and strength every 30 days so that you can track how you are going.

Nothing to complex - just your choice of pushups, chinups. running, rowing and a flexibility text which you can do during one of your gym visits.

We record these for you so you can see your improvements. 



Wellness Monitoring

Health is more than just how fast you can run or how much you can lift.

We measure your 'whole of life' Wellness Score that tracks your health over 10 key areas of your life.

Every 30 days we measure it and track your progress so that you know, and can see, your wellness improving and by how much!



Training and Personalised Program

We provide you with our Training App for free which takes away all the confusion. Our fitness professionals will allocate a customised program that is specific to your particular goals and will update it every 30 days so you know what to do and how to do it. This keeps your training effective and keeps track with your progress.

Exercise training videos inside the App show you how to train properly so that youare effective and won't injure yourself. 



Nutritional Guidance

Nutrition plays a huge role in our overall health and wellness. To ignore it would only create a barrier to your sucess.

We will teach you to focus on the 3 pillars of nutrition and how to make small changes to move the dial on your wellness.

No crazy diets or fads here. Common sense and science based solutions that you can implement without turning your life upside down.



Quality Supplementation

Your body will need extra support in the form of absorbable protein to enable your body to change in composition, particularly if you have a protein gap in your diet.

Without adequate levels of protein in your diet, you won't be able to reach your goals as quickly or effectively. As your activity level increases, adding absorbable protein to your nutrition will assist you to build lean muscle and burn excess fat. The Nude Nutrient supplements are totally free of the harmful chemicals that you can not pronounce and are 100% digestible so they won't make your tummy hurt.

Our supplements are specially blended with a proprietary mix of ginger and turmeric that release enzymes that break down the protein for you. The result? Your body absorbs the protein, builds muscle and burns more fat.

You are free to source your own supplementation to support your training or use one of our recommended pure absorbable proteins.




Life is better with a little help, so we include as little or as much as you need.

Ask questions via Messenger or reach out via the private Facebook group. The experience and support from others is invaluable.

Share your challenges and celebrate your successes with the group.

Get Started Today - It's Free!

(A personalised training program alone would cost you $80 or more. You get that, and a lot more in the Wellness Program... For free)

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    We will send you the training app and set up your training program to start right away
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    We'll help you set and personalise your goals
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     We'll send you your first Fitness Test to create some base lines for where you are right now

Got Questions?

Reach out to us on Facebook and chat with a real person! Crazy right! Real people, helping real people. It's just how we roll!

Speaking of REAL people. Check these out.

More energy and confidence - loving it

I definitely have more energy and confidence. After 2 weeks of working out and using Nude's supplement range I had more energy and was constantly motivated to attack the next training session.

It's really versatile. Usually I only use protein in shakes but with the natural range i was also able to utilise it in my daily meal prep as well.

Nathan Grima Marketing Executive

No Mucus Buildup

A big thing I noticed with Nude protein powder is the lack of mucus building up in my throat even when I drink it with milk.

This is something I always used to get with protein powder and milk but not with Nude. The product digests very easily and I don’t get any protein burps which I used to sometimes get. Overall it's a great product.

Ben Newland Cross Fit Coach and Athlete

More energy and feel healthier

Being a mum of three, I am always in the kitchen, but I have little time to prepare different meals for myself to cater for my gluten and lactose intolerance. Before finding Nude protein, I would wake up and make myself a double shot coffee to get me through the morning and put up with the stomach pains and headaches, because I didn't know any different. Now, I don’t have to deal with these because I put Nude protein in my coffee every morning and in my smoothies. I also use the natural whey protein in my baking and I can now eat cheesecakes and other dairy desserts without any problems and have the added benefit of providing my body with more nutrients. I have noticed a significant difference in that I am less bloated, I never get food-related headaches, I have more energy and I feel healthier. Nude has changed the way I view protein and food.

Katie Grima Mother

Increased my Wellness Score from 70 to 83 in 30 days!

On the Wellness Program I am enjoying more energy, am sleeping better, and have less fatigue.

Enjoying the challenge to improve the work out for maximum benefit.

Leigh “Shrek” Ireland at I Feel Good 24/7 Wynnum is positive, enthusiastic, and very motivating. He’s very supportive of the Nude Nutrients Wellness Program, and is a fine ambassador for your product.

Peter Hempenstall Independant Recovery Services

My Wellness Score improved!

Over the last 30 days I have become more flexible and my endurance has increased noticeably as has my recovery.

I would love if you made the protein in a Caramel flavour!

Nude protein is the best I’ve used - it doesn’t sit like a ball in the stomach, no bloating and recovery has improved.

Kathy Hempenstall Oasis Medical Centre

Gaining Muscle At 55

Hi. I just wanted to say that I have been using your protein powder now for 3 weeks and for the first time in my (short) 55 years I am gaining muscle, losing fat (lost about 5kgs now) and feeling great. Fantastic product. Thanks!

David Taylor Programmer

Hayfever symptoms reduced

Before using Nude protein powder I used to get hayfever symptoms every couple of days. Now I only get the occasional hayfever symptom once per week, and they have become less severe. I have also found the Boost to be a great way to get my kids to have more protein at breakfast time. We mix it with cocoa and milk to make chocolate milk for their cereal - they love it!

Jean-Marc Barbeau

Haven't been able to use Whey Protein for years!

That's awesome! I have been missing out on whey protein for years now (and it shows on my muscle mass) since being diagnosed with an IGg reaction to dairy, the Nude whey protein is perfect! 💪🙏

David Higgs

Best Gut Feel

Feels great in the gut, probably the best protein I’ve had from that perspective!

Nick Randall Strength & Conditioning Coach

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