"Is undigested protein a problem?"

"I don't know... is constipation, diarrhoea, and stinking out the toilet a problem?"

3 ways to improve your gut health, maintain your protein requirements, build muscle and lose excess fat.

(while keeping your friends)


Use a Nude 100% Digestible Protein

  • 100% Digestible with Nude's Ginger and Turmeric spice mix
  • Low lactose for sensitive tummies
  • Fast absorption
  • No nasty chemicals

Nude protein supplements are chemical free, 100% digestible, GMO and hormone free. Use it any time of day, but is particularly good for pre and post workouts and also in cooking!


Calculate Your Correct Protein Requirements

Most of use consume inadequate amounts of protein in our diet which creates a barrier to reaching our desired goals. Too little protein and you will find it difficult to add lean muscle to your body and a higher appetite for carbohydrates and sugary foods which lead to fat gains.

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