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Nude Coffee

Adding Nude Boost to your coffee is a great way to increase your protein intake for the day. Just 3 teaspoons of Boost will add an extra 11 gms of of 100% digestible protein to your diet thanks to the added Biohawk.

Your coffee will be sweeter and creamier and the added Biohawk will ensure that the milk and cream you add will also be hydrolysed reducing or eliminating the bloating or intolerant reactions that you may suffer.

Flat White / Cappucinno

Step 1.  Add 2 teaspoons (or 3 if your like) to your cup with a little milk, cream or water to dissolve. Stir to remove any lumps.

Step 2.  Add your coffee. Espresso, French Press, Drip, Aero – however you like to make yours.

Step 3.  How you finish will depend on how you enjoy a coffee. Finish with textured milk for a flat white or latte, some froth for a cappuccino.

The Boost You Need

Nude Coffee takes the delightful morning pleasure we all love and adds some extra kick for a powerful boost to your favourite brew.

By adding Nude Protein  Boost, you are getting the extra protein you need with your cup of coffee, and you are also breaking down the proline rich proteins at the same time, both in the coffee and the milk and cream you are adding. Read more about the Proline Effect HERE.

Prepare In Advance

Prepare your Nude Boost for the week in advance and keep it in the fridge.

Step 1.  Add 4 heaped tablespoons to a 600ml shaker with 400ml milk, cream or water. Shake well to remove any lumps.

Step 2.  Add your 30ml to your cup before you make your coffee. 

This will keep in your fridge just as long as milk or cream does. So you can prepare your Nude Boost for the week and just pour it straight in the cup.

Looking For The Perfect Cup?

Tip 1: Choose Good Coffee
Explore your local speciality coffee roasters and supplier. Coffees that clearly state the country, region or estate of origin can provide a lifetime of tasting experiences. Try looking for 100% pure Arabica beans as a starting point.

Tip 2: Fresh Coffee Beans
When possible, choose coffee beans with roast dates within the past two weeks rather than “best before” dates.

Tip 3: Keep Your Beans Fresh
Store in an airtight container. Don't refrigerate (roasted beans are porous and easily soak up moisture and food odours). Don't freeze.

Tip 4: Grind Your Own Beans
Coffee starts losing quality almost immediately upon grinding. The best-tasting brews are made from beans ground just before brewing.

Tip 5: Use Good Water
Using poor quality water with chlorine and fluoride can ruin a good cup of coffee. We recommend using filtered water for the best result.

Tip 6: Careful With The Heat
Water that is too hot will extract compounds in the coffee that are bitter rather than pleasant.

Tip 7: Use good milk
Unless you prefer you coffee straight up black, use full cream un-homogenised milk for a deeper, rich flavour.

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