How do I use it?

Mix, shake or blend 30g (1 scoop) of Nude Casein with 150-500ml of water, milk or your favourite beverage and enjoy!

Best consumed 2-3 hours after a strength workout, and before bed.

Nude Casein is perfect for high protein desserts to assist with slow release of protein while you sleep and recover. Check our delicious Casein recipes for some inspiration!

What are the ingredients?

Just pure Casein and spices from the Zingiberaceae family including Ginger, Turmeric and Galangal. They all contain the enzyme that breakdown the proteins in the Casein.

I am dairy intolerant, can I consume it?

There are many reasons why you might be intolerant to a particular food. If your intolerance is due to a reaction from undigested proteins then you might like to try this product. But if in doubt always consult your Doctor.

Is it sugar free?

Yes! There is no sugar added to any of our products. No stevia, no inulin no artificial sweeteners.

Does it taste like Ginger?

Yep - Nude Casein has a hint of Ginger flavour from the spices added.  However it is only a hint and not overpowering.

When is it best to use it?

 Casein releases its amino acids over many hours, for this reason it is a great 'before bed' supplement to supply your body with  many hours of amino acids as you sleep.

Research suggests that taking a whey protein and casein together can be a great combination increasing muscle growth and repair. However not at the same time.  Whey protein such as WPX or WPI are fast releasing and are best taken pre and post workouts, as well as in the morning and lunch if required.  Casein, because of its slow release nature is best taken away from your WPX or WPI.

How much should I use?

 Use Casein as part of your strategy to close your protein gap in conjunction with your WPI or WPX - not in addition to it. 

Your goal is to close your protein gap using a variety of protein sources for optimum health and wellness. This is generally difficult from our regular diets.

So, if you had a protein gap of 60gms, then perhaps look at using a scoop of WPI or WPX at breakfast and pre-workout, and a scoop of casein before bed. This would give you a variety of protein sources, both slow and fast acting when you need them most, and close your protein gap.

Where does Casein come from?

 There are 2 major proteins that are found in milk - Casein and Whey. 

During the cheese making process, rennet enzymes are used to set the cheese and as a result a coagulum is formed consisting of whey, casein, fat, lactose and the minerals of the milk. These are then separated and dried to form the powders.

Our powders are from Australian grass-fed cows and are GMO free.