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“Awesome product! Creamy, smooth and delicious – and protein to boot!”

Your coffee with super-powers! Add 10 grams of protein to your coffee with 100% digestibility and no tummy pain.

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Boost Your Coffee with Nude

Love Coffee? We are with you. Now you can add 10 gms of protein to you favourite brew with Nude Boost.

The ginger and turmeric spices that we add to this clean protein will breakdown the peptides and sweeten your coffee.

Fast Release, 100% digestible

Nude Boost is based on our WPX. It makes your coffee creamier and smoother - some say it gives your coffee super powers!

  • FAQS

How do I use it?

Add 1 to 2 teaspoons to warm cream, milk or water to dissolve. Then add your coffee on top and finish as you would normally do.

Best consumed with a smile on your face with 2-3 friends morning and afternoon.

What are the ingredients?

Pure grass fed whey protein concentrate and spices from the Zingiberaceae family including Ginger, Turmeric and Galangal.  We also add trace amounts of sunflower lecithin. 

I am dairy intolerant, can I consume it?

There are many reasons why you might be intolerant to a particular food. If your intolerance is due to a reaction from undigested proteins then you might like to try this product. But if in doubt always consult your Doctor.

Is it sugar free?

Yes! There is no sugar added to any of our products. There is no added sweetener of any kind in Boost

Does it taste like Ginger?

No. While there is a hint of ginger, you may only experience it as a touch of warmth at the back of your palate. The ginger adds sweetness to the cup by breaking down the tannins in the coffee. So if you normally sweeten your coffee you may find you need less, or none at all.

When is it best to use it?

 Coffee is best consumed daily!!

How much should I use?

 Your goal should be to close your protein gap.

Consider how much protein is in your diet and add extra accordingly using Nude Boost and other products.

Where does WPC come from?

 There are 2 major proteins that are found in milk - Casein and Whey. 

During the cheese making process, rennet enzymes are used to set the cheese and as a result a coagulum is formed consisting of whey, casein, fat, lactose and the minerals of the milk. These are then separated and dried to form the powders.

Our powders are from Australian grass-fed cows and are GMO and hormone free.