Nude Whey Protein

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“For the first time in 55 years I am gaining muscle, losing fat (lost about 5kgs now) and feeling great. Fantastic product. Thanks!” – Dave Taylor

Nude Whey Protein is enzyme bioactivated for maximum absorption and digestion, resulting in more nutrients and protein while healing your gut at the same time.

Nude Whey Protein is an excellent source of complete protein – perfect for young, old, athlete or amateur.

Optimising your protein intake can assist you to lose weight, gain lean muscle and improve your overall health and wellness.

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Experience the Nude Difference

100% absorbable dietary supplement. 

No tummy pain, no bloating, no gas and no cramping. The enzymes do the work that your tummy cannot.

Fast Release, 100% digestible

Nude Whey Protein is a fast release milk protein that is perfect to take pre and post workouts.

It is low in lactose, free from additives and comes in 2 great flavours.

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Clean protein, accessible to everyone

Nude Whey Protein is the healthy alternative to other sources of protein on the market today.

Derived from pasture fed, hormone free cows you can be sure that you are not negatively impacting your wellness with harmful chemicals or cheap fillers.

We have extracted the enzymes contained in the ginger, turmeric and galangal and added them to the protein powder so there is no hint of ginger taste, with all the digestibility.

The enzymes break down the proline-rich peptides that your tummy can't which means more absorbable protein and no tummy pains. 

Proline-rich Proteins

Proteins are 'strings' of amino acids all joined in a row. Proline is one of these natural amino acids that are tightly bonded to the other amino acids preventing them from being broken down.

Protein that is not broken down in the gut leads to the fermentation of those proteins which alters the pH of the lower gut which leads to gut dysbiosis.

Fast Acting 100% Digestible

Nude Whey protein is cold filtered, low lactose and is blended with enzymes of ginger, turmeric and galangal making this protein source the cleanest and most accessible proteins you will find.

Try it for yourself and feel the difference.