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Nude Nutrients sets a new standard for high quality, pure, bio-available supplements. We have developed a unique new formula with addition of Biohawk Relief Powder. This whole food powder releases the powerful enzymes in ginger to hydrolyse the undigestible portion of protein supplements.
The effect? A highly nutritious, 100% digestible whole food, consumable even by those with dairy intolerance.


Protein supplements have commonly been the perfect balance of immune boosting nutrition and high protein content, what has not been very well understood is that the proline-rich peptides within many foods and supplements are actually indigestible.

Proline-rich proteins that are undigested ferment in the lower gut and are responsible for an immunological response from our bodies and symptoms such as intestinal discomfort, bloating or cramping.


The Nude Pure Biohawk range combines the benefits of pure supplements with BioHawk ginger spice that hydrolyses 100% of the protein making our products 100% bio-available and highly nutritious.

A single serve of Nude Biohawk product has enough ginger in it to not only treat the protein in our product, but to also hydrolyse the protein in whatever you choose to mix it with, making it your new secret weapon to absorbing more protein from your supplements and getting better, healthier results.


Our entire range is blended and packed in our HACCP Certified, gluten-free facility in Brisbane. Only the highest quality raw materials are shipped directly to us and are blended by our  expert production team. We source Australian nutrients wherever possible, and include no cheap fillers in our products.

Our products are in the purest form:

  • No Soy (we use sunflower lecithin)
  • No sugar
  • No artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours
  • No chemicals
  • No preservatives
  • Gluten Free 
  • Grass Fed


At Nude we believe in working smarter, not harder.
That's why we have created a new option for you to work with us to provide Nude products to your customers. 


  1. A new member signs up with your gym
  2. During the process your sales team determines what your client wants to achieve and offers the ideal supplement solution to support that goal.
  3. You discussions focus on their fitness journey and the best way to achieving their goals.
  4. Nude Nutrients auto-ships the correct amount of supplements to the client either fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly, with all the supporting materials on how to use them, when to take them and the correct dosages for their goal, training level and weight.
  5. You hold no stock. Nude Nutrients handles all product and shipping for you.
  6. The client once joined, is able to cancel at any time with one click, or manage any aspect of their product delivery online.
  7. Nude Nutrients pays you a 10% commission on all sales from your gym, for life.


As a Nude Nutrients affiliate you will also have the option to stock Nude Nutrients products on site for sale. Wholesale pricing on these products mean that you make attractive margin of 35%

You can try each model and see which works best for your business, or use both options to give your members the widest variety of options.


Our team will supply you with:

  • An online portal with all marketing assets for you to use
  • Emails that you can copy to promote the service to your existing clients,
  • Images formatted for Facebook and Instagram.

Online sales training for your frontline team members to help them help your clients achieve their best outcomes.