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Nutrition is not WHAT you eat - It's what you ABSORB.

Nutrition can be broken down into the 3 stages of Diet, Digestion and then Absorption of the nutrients.

DIET - Is what you choose to eat.

DIGESTION - Is what gets broken down in your gut.

ABSORPTION - Is the process of actually assimilating the nutrients into your body

Your Diet

No one is going to care about your nutrition like you do (or should).

Think of 'Diet' as simply as what you choose to eat - not as in choosing a specific diet like Atkins or Low Carb-High Fat.

Try to count calorie or follow a specific diet is often so prescriptive that people find them difficult to follow and they lack a lot of variety.

What is needed really is a 'framework' rather than being told what you can and cannot eat tomorrow for dinner.

Our framework is really simple - check out the HI Index below.

The Human Intervention Index

We know that highly processed foods are bad for our health. Highly processed foods tend to be higher in sugars, additives and bad fats that interfere with our physiology.

So let's do this... take any food, from anywhere and for each time you can imagine a human having to intervene by processing the food in some way, then add a 1 to the HI Index.

So a roast chook has been been through the abattoir, then cooked, so let's give it a HI Index of 2. 

 A raw carrot has been harvested and washed, let's give it a HI Index of 1.

Corn Flakes, have been grown and harvested, processed to make a corn meal, sugar and water added and processed again before being packaged. Let's give them a 5.

Choosing your foods then becomes a simple affair of just leaning towards adding foods into your diet that have a low HI Index.

Be Mindfull

Give some thought to the source and quality of the food you are eating a well. Not all food is created equal - even if they both ahve a low HI Index

Intensively farmed, grain feed animals like cattle and poultry can contain herbicides, antibiotics, hormones and other drugs as well as being fed GMO feed stock.

Optimise your protein intake with high quality grass, or pasture fed protein sources